Casino Psychology

When you walk into a land-based casino, there are two things that you need to be wary of – one is the house edge, and the other is the various psychology tricks that the casinos employ to get you to stay and spend more money.

If you want to become a better gambler, you need to have focus, discipline, and be excellent at money management. You need to have total self-control and be the one to decide when you walk in and walk out. Here are some psychological tricks that casinos use:


Illusion of Control

When you approach a table to play a game, you will notice that you get to make a lot of decisions and decide your luck for yourself. This is true to a certain extent. Keep in mind the famous saying that ‘the house always wins.’ Make sure you walk away when you’ve won enough instead of getting tempted by the possibility of winning more.


If you are very serious about gambling and want to become a true professional, you will want to avoid alcohol. This is easier said than done. After all, the casinos like to give their players some free drinks. Keep in mind that this is a way for the casino to get you to play for longer. They want you to keep coming back and spend more money placing bets. You are also likely to lose judgement and make quick, impulsive decisions.

Casinos may even entice you with free meals or a free stay at their hotel rooms or suites. They may give you tickets to shows or performances as well. You can expect to receive such freebies if you’re betting huge amounts of money. You will be identified as a ‘high roller’ and will be treated like royalty for very obvious reasons.

Casinos Want You to Lose Track of Time

Have you ever noticed why there aren’t any clocks or windows in a land-based casino? This is because they don’t want you to know what time of the day or night it is. Hours can fly by like minutes when you’re engrossed in the gambling games. It can feel like you’ve just been here for a few hours because the casino is always well lit and active.

Make sure you keep checking the time on your watch or phone and not lose yourself too much into the whole experience. You can also notice if there are more people around you. Also, the only casino where you can expect to find windows is if it’s a casino on a cruise ship.


The Casino is Designed Like a Maze

If you always have a hard time finding your way out of the casino, then you’re not the only one. This is an elaborate setup by the casino to keep you in. You will also notice that there is always easy access to ATMs in a casino. Also, if you’ve ever wondered why the carpets are so tacky and weird, it’s to keep your eyes off the floor and have you more interested in the games.

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